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Center News

No Peace at Any Price in Ukraine

Alina Polyakova, the co-author of this Foreign Affairs article with Daniel Fried, is an affiliate of ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies and also a former CRWS Graduate Fellow. Polyakova and Fried discuss current calls for a diplomatic end to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which several Western European countries and the US argue can be achieved by giving Ukrainian land to Russia in exchange for peace. However, the authors assert that pressuring Ukraine into conceding to peace by giving up its territories would not lead to long-term peace and stability.

Transatlantic Ties of the Far Right

In this article in Terrorism and Political Violence, Tanjev Schultz analyzes the National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Germany, one of the most severe cases of terrorism in Germany after World War II, and how this case illuminates transatlantic ties between far-right groups. This new article was written by Tanjev Schultz while he was a visiting scholar at ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies.


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