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Sara Diamond Collection on the Religious and Political Right

Research materials on the religious and political right gathered by Sara Diamond during the 1980s and 1990s are now available for scholars to access at the University of California at Berkeley's Bancroft Library.

The collection consists of 66 linear feet of materials (50 cartons, 1 box, 6 oversize boxes) that document organizations, individuals, and topics connected to right-wing movements in the United States, mainly in the 1980s and 1990s but also, to some extent, in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Included are mailings; newspapers, magazines, and other publications generated by right-wing organizations; correspondence; conference brochures and handouts; books published by right-wing individuals and organizations; reports; news clippings; and assorted other research material.

View the collection's finding aid here. For more information about the collection and how to access it click here.

Sara Diamond is a practising attorney in Berkeley, California. She received an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine, a doctorate in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a law degree from Hastings College of Law. Her dissertation was entitled Right-Wing Movements in the United States, 1945-1992.  She is the author of four books on the political and religious right in the United States, including Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian RightRoads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States,Facing the Wrath: Confronting the Right in Dangerous Times, and Not by Politics Alone: The Enduring Influence of the Christian Right.


CCSRWM-People for the American Way Collection of Political Ephemera (1980-2004)

In June of 2010, People for the American Way donated its vast and unique collection of materials on the American Right to our Center.  This archive is permanently housed at UC Berkeley's prestigious Bancroft Library, one of the largest and most heavily used libraries of manuscripts, rare books, and unique materials in the United States. Comprised of approximately 1,220 organizations, 300 individual files, and 80 rare right-wing magazines and newspapers, the Collection charts the flourishing movements of American conservatism from the 1980s to the early twenty-first century.

Read more about the materials in the Collection and how to access them.

Below is a list of the names of organizations, individuals and publications that comprise the collection.

Note: When possible, a link to the organization's website is included below.  Some archival materials in the collection might be distinct from current organizations on-line that use the same name.


Abe Lincoln Foundation
Abiding Truth Ministries
Academic Freedom Legal Defense Fund
Accelerated Christian Education
Accuracy in Academia
Accuracy in Media
Accuracy in Media Report
Acton Institute
Ad Hoc Coalition Against Quotas
Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life
Advocates for Life
African-American Life Alliance
African American Republican Leadership Council
Alabama Family Alliance
Alamo Foundation
Alexis de Tocqueville Institute
All Children Matter
Allegheny Institute
Alliance Defense Fund
Alliance for America
Alliance for Marriage
Alliance for School Choice
Alliance for the Separation of School and State
Alliance for the West
Alternative Voice
Americade 200
American Alliance for Better Schools
American Alliance of Rights and Responsibilities
American Anti-Persecution League
American Association of Christian Counselors
American Association of Christian Schools
American Association of Women
American Catholic Lawyers Association
American Cause
American Center for Law and Justice (A.C.L. & J.)
American Center for Legislative Reform
American Christian Cause
American Christian Party
American Christian Television System
American Citizens for Political Action
American Citizens Television
American Civil Rights Institute
American Civil Rights Institution - Newsletter
American Coalition for Traditional Values
American Coalition of Life Activists
American Coalition of Unregistered Churches
American Conservative Union (A.C.U.)
American Constitutional Law Foundation
American Council for a Free Asia
American Council for Health Care Reform
American Council of Trustees & Alumni
American Council on Science and Health
American Defence Committee
American Defense Institute
American Education Coalition
American Education Reform Foundation / Council
American Election Commission
American Enterprise Institute
American Family Association (A.F.A.)
A.F.A. Direct Mail
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Family Forum: CSFC
American Family Institute
American Family Policy Institute
American Forum on Hollywood
American Freedom Coalition
A.F.C. Publications
American Immigration Control Foundation
American Independent Party
American Institute for Character Education
American Institute for Teen Aids Prevention
American Investigative Reports
American Israeli Public Affairs Committee
American Land Rights Association
American Law of Policy Education
American Legal Foundation
American Legislative Exchange Council (A.L.E.C.)
A L.E.C. First Reading
A.L.E.C. The State Factor
American Life League (A.L.L.)
American Life League & Lobby
American Nationalist Union
American Parents Association
American Policy Center
American Policy Foundation
American Political Action Committee
American Property Rights Alliance
American Public Philosophy Institute
American Renaissance
American Renewal
American Research Institute
American Resistance
American Rights Coalition
American Security Council (A.S.C.)
American Sentinel
American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property
American Society of Local Officials
American Sovereignty Action Project
American Spectator Educational Foundation
American Studies Center
American Studies Institute
American Tort Reform Association
American Values
Americanism Educational League
Americanism Foundation
Americans Against Abortion
Americans Against Union Control of Government
Americans Back in Charge Foundation
Americans for a Balanced Budget
Americans for a Better Country
Americans for a Brighter Future
Americans for Biblical Government
Americans for Educational Choice (now Americans for Choice in Education)
Americans for Fair Taxation
Americans for Family Values
Americans for Freedom
Americans for Hope, Growth, and Opportunity
Americans for Job Security
Americans for Life Plant the Seed
Americans for Limited Terms
Americans for Moral Integrity
Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Responsible Government
Americans for Responsible Television
Americans for School Choice
Americans for Sound Aids Policy
Americans for Tax Reform
Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
Americans for Voluntary School Prayer
Americans United for Life
America's Future Foundation
America's Future
America's Prayer Network
America's Promise Ministries
Answers in Genesis
Arm Pac
Army of God
Aryan Nation
Aryan National Front
Ashbrook Center
Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs
Associated Television News
Association for Family Finances in America
Association of American Educators
Association of Christian Schools International
Association of Church Renewal
Association of Concerned Taxpayers
Athletes in Action
Atlantic Legal Foundation
Atlas Econ. Research Foundation
Ave Maria Foundation
Ave Maria School of Law
Ayn Rand Institute
Baptist Joint Committee
Beacon Hill Institute
Becket Fund
Bellwether Forum
Berean League
Best Friends Foundation
Better Government Bureau
Between the Lines
Bible Science Association
Black Alliance for Educational Options (B.A.E.O)
Black Americans for Family Values
Black America's PAC/ BAM PAC
Blum Center
Bob Jones University
Bradley Foundation
Brannon House Ministries
Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny (B.O.N.D.)
Buckeye Institute
Caleb Campaign
California Public Policy Foundation
California Restoration Project
Calvert Institute for Policy Research
Campaign America
Campaign for Children & Families
Campaign for the American Family
Campaign for Victims of Crime
Campaign for Working Families
Campus Conservative Packs
Campus Crusade for Christ (C.C.C.)
Capital Legal Foundation
Capital Research Center
Capital Television Network
Capitol Hill Prayer Alert
Capitol Resource Institute
Capitol Watch
Card New Society
Care Net
Caring Foundation
Caring Capacity Network
Cascade Policy Institute
Catholic Alliance
Catholic Answers
Catholic Campaign for America
Catholic Families for School Choice
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Catholics for Christian Political Action
Cato Institute
Center for American Expansion
Center for American Founding
Center for American Values
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Center for Christian Statesmanship
Center for Civil Rights
Center for Educational Reform (C.E.R.) Monthly Letters
Center for Equal Opportunities
Center for Family Studies
Center for Immigration Studies
Center for Independent Thought
Center for Individual Freedom
Center for Individual Rights
Center for Jewish and Christian Values
Center for Judicial Studies
Center for Judicial Studies Project "Constitutional Concepts"
Center for Justice
Center for Law and Religious Freedom
Center for Media and Public Affairs
Center for Media and Values
Center for Military Readiness
Center for Moral Clarity
Center for Morality
Center for New American Century
Center for New Black Leadership
Center for Reclaiming America
Center for Science Based Public Policy
Center for Security Policy
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for Community Interest
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Center for the New West
Center for the Study of American Business
Center for the Study of Market Alternatives
Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Center for Union Facts
Center of the American Experiment
Center on National Labor Policy
CEO America (Children's Educational Opportunity Foundation)
Chalcedon Foundation
Challenge 2000
Champions for Christ
Character Education Institute
Character Inc.
Child and Family Protection Institute
Child Protection Fund
Child Protection Lobby
Children First for America
Children's Legal Foundation
Children's Scholarship Fund
Chinese Family Alliance
Christ Truth Ministries
Christendom College
Christian Action Council
Christian Action Council Care Net
Christian Action Network
Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism
Christian Alert Network
Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
Christian Anti-Defamation League
Christian Association of Prime Timers
Christian Awake
Christian Beacon
Christian Broadcasting Network (C.B.N.)
C.B.N. and 700 Club Direct Mail
Christian Business Men's Committee of USA
Christian Coalition (C.C.)
C.C. Catholic Alliance
C.C. Christian American
C.C. Contact with American Family
C.C. Conference Briefing
C.C. Convention Materials
C.C. Election Materials and Chapter Development
C.C. Election Materials and Chapter Development "Turning Out the Christian Vote"
C.C. Leadership Manuel
C.C. Religious Rights Watch
C.C. Road to Victory
C.C. Samaritan Project
C.C. Voting Guides
Christian Connection
Christian Courier
Christian Defense Coalition
Christian Defense League
Christian Defense League Report
Christian Educators Association International (C.E.A.I.)
Christian Embassy
Christian Family Network
Christian Family Renewal
Christian Financial Concepts
Christian Focus on Government
Christian Freedom International
Christian Heritage Association
Christian Inquirer
Christian Legal Defense and Education Fund
Christian Legal Society
Christian Legal Study
Christian Life Commission
Christian Mandate for America
Christian Medical and Dental Society
Christian Research Institute
Christian Response International
Christian Seniors Alliance
Christian Solidarity International
Christian Studies Center
Christian Technology
Christian Trials Lawyers Association
Christian Underground
Christian Unity PAC
Christian Voice
C.V. Articles of Incorporation
C.V. Press Release
C.V. Report Card
C.V. PSA's
C.V. Tax Returns
C.V. Presidential Biblical Scoreboards
Christian Voter League
Christian Voters Victory Fund
Christian Women's National Concerns
Christian Worldview
Christians for Life
Christians for Reagan
Christians for Righteous Government
Christians United for Israel
Church League of America
Church League of America National Laymens Digest
Church League of America Views and News
Church of Scientology
Citizen Leader Coalition
Citizens Against Government Waste
Citizens Against Rationing Health Care
Citizen's Choice
Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
Citizens Committee for Fairness and Ethics
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Citizen's Flag Alliance
Citizens for a Better America
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Citizens for a Strong America
Citizens for America
Citizens for Better Education
Citizens for Better Government
Citizens for Budge Reform
Citizens for Community Values
Citizens for Conservative Education
Citizens for Decency
Citizens for Educational Choice
Citizens for Educational Freedom
Citizens for Excellence in Education
Citizens for Fairness in Education
Citizens for Honest Government
Citizens for Justice
Citizens for Reagan
Citizens for the Environment
Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Rights
Citizens for the Republic
Citizens Project
Citizens United (C.U.)
C.U. Citizens Agenda (newsletter)
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
Claremont Institute
Claremont Institute Publications
Clinton Investigative Commission
Club for Growth
Coalition Against Pornography
Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Coalition for Better TV (CFBTV)
CFBTV American Express Info./Confidential
CFBTV American Express Report
CFBTV Debate
CFBTV Direct Mail
CFBTV Donahue Transcript
CFBTV Editorials / Commentary Letters
CFBTV Hill and Knowlton Report
CFBTV Magazine Articles
CFBTV RCA/NBC Information
CFBTV Meeting at Ojai, Ca.
CFBTV Monitoring Results Fall 1980 & 1982
CFBTV Press Conference
CFBTV Specific Programs Hit
CFBTV Sponsors
CFBTV U.S. House of Rep. Subcommittee on Telecommunication
CFBTV Wildmon Press Conference
Coalition for Decency
Coalition for Family Values
Coalition for Freedom, Inc. (Helms Congress Club)
Coalition for Marriage
Coalition for Peace Thru Strength
Coalition for Religious Freedom (C.R.F.)
C.R.F. Religious Freedom Alert
Coalition for School Prayer
Coalition for Teen Health
Coalition for the Restoration of the Black Family & Society
Coalition of African-American Pastors
Coalition of Politically Active Christians
Coalition on Revival
Coalition on Urban Affairs
Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education
Coalition to End Union Violence
Coalitions for America
College Republican National Committee
Collegians Activated to Liberate Life
Collegiate Network
Committee for a Competitive Press
Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow
Committee for Biblical Principles in Government
Committee for Family America
Committee for Justice
Committee for Positive Education
Committee for the Free World
Committee on Moral Concerns
Committee on Moral Integrity COMINT
Committee on the Present Danger
Committee to Avert a Mideast Holocaust
Committee to Protect the Family
Committee to Restore American Values
Commonwealth Foundation
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Concerned Christians for Good Government
Concerned Citizens Inc.
Concerned Parents for Educational Accountability
Concerned Voters
Concerned Women for America (C.W.A.)
C.W.A. conference
C.W.A. convention
C.W.A. direct mail
C.W.A. publications
C.W.A. tax returns
C.W.A. town meeting on AIDs and C.A.S.E.
Conference for a Republican Majority
Congress of Conservative Contributors
Congress on the Bible
Congressional Club
Congressional Family Caucus
Congressional Institute
Conservative Action Council
Conservative Action Foundation
Conservative Action Team
Conservative Campaign Fund
Conservative Caucus
Conservative Caucus Inc.
Conservative Caucus Research Analysis and Education Foundation
Conservative Caucus / Incorporation Articles
Conservative Caucus Defeat Legal Defense Fund
Conservative Citizens Foundation
Conservative Digest
Conservative Future Political Action Committee
Conservative Leadership Conference (C.L.C.)
Conservative Leadership Youth Foundation
Conservative Media Commission
Conservative Network
Conservative News Service
Conservative Opportunity Society
Conservative Petitions
Conservative Political Action Conference (C.P.A.C.)
Conservative Progress Briefing
Conservative Republican Committee
Conservative Research Center
Conservative Society of Massachusetts
Conservative TV Network
Conservative Victory Committee
Conservative Victory Fund
Conservatives Against Liberal Legislation
Conservatives for a Constitutional Convention
Conscience Society
Constitution Party
Constitutional Coalition
Constitutional Law Center
Constitutional Rights Foundation
Consumer Alert
Contact America / Save the Family Foundation
Coors (Adolph Coors Company)
Coors Foundation
COPAC (Coalition of Politically Active Christians)
Cops for Christ
Coral Ridge Ministries (C.R.M.)
Council for National Policy
Council for the Defense of Freedom
Council for Volunteer Americans
Council for World Freedom
Council of Conservative Citizens
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Couple to Couple League
Cowboys for Christ
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Research Center
CROSS: The Christian Resistance
C.S. Lewis Institute
Culture and Family Institute
Culture of Life Foundation
Darrell Green Learning Center
Dartmouth Review
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Declaration Foundation
Deep Backwater
Defenders of Property Rights
Defensive Action
De Moss Foundation
Discovery Institute
Dot Safe
Dove Foundation
Duck Club
Eagle Forum (E.F. )
East Coast Conservative PAC
Easton Publishing Company
Ecumenical Coalition on Women & Society
Education First Coalition
Education Intelligence Agency
Education Leaders Council
Education Policy Institute
Education Voucher Institute
Educational Excellence Network
Educational Freedom Foundation
Educational Guidance Institute, Inc.
Educational Research Analysts (E.R.A.)
Empire Foundation
Empower America
Endowment for Community Leadership
English First
English Language PAC
Enough is Enough
Entertainment Fellowship
Environmental Conservation Organization
EPA Watch
Eternal Life Foundation
Ethan Allen Institute
Ethics and Public Policy Center (E.P.P.C.)
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
Evangelical Child and Family Agency
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Evangelical Women's Caucus
Evans, Mike Ministry
Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Exhorters Foundation / Vienna, VA.
Exodus 2000
Exodus International
FACTS (Foundation for ACTSion)
Fairness Committee Against Tax-Funded Politics
Fairness in Media
Faith 2 Action
Faith America
Faith and Action
Faith, Family and Freedom PAC
Faith Quest
Family Action Alliance
Family Action Council
Family Concerns, Inc.
Family Defense Council
Family Entertainment Network
Family First
Family Forum
Family Friendly Libraries (F.F.L.)
Family, Life, America and Responsible Education (FLARE)
Family Life Seminar: Le Haye's
Family, Love, America, God
Family of Faith Foundation
Family Policy Network
Family Research Council (F.R.C.)
Family Research Council (F.R.C.)
F. R. C. Action
F. R. C. Culture Facts
F. R. C. Family Policy
F. R. C. Family Research Today
F. R. C. Knight Robert
F. R. C. Monthly Letters
F. R. C. Publications
F. R. C. Washington Watch
F. R. C. Washington Watch Radio
Family Research Institute (F.R.I.)
Family Rights Committee (F.R.C.)
Family Taxpayers Network
Family Values PAC
Family Voting Services PAC
Feature Films for Families
Federal Election Commission (F.E.C.)
Federalist Society (F.S.)
F.S. Publication "Federalist Paper"
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
Fellowship Foundation
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Feminists for Life
Filtering Facts
First Amendment Coalition
Florida Pro-Family Forum
Focus on the Family (F.O.F.)
F.O.F. Action
F.O.F. Family News in Focus
F.O.F. James Dobson
F.O.F. Parental Guidance
F.O.F. Teachers in Focus
For Character
Force of Righteousness
Foreign Affairs Council
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Foundation Endowment
Foundation for Academic Standards & Traditions
Foundation for American Christian Education
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for Florida's Future
Foundation for Free Enterprise
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Foundation for the Advancement of Compassion and Truth
Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Foundation for Thought and Ethics
Foundation to Rebuild America
Fraser Institute Canada Center for Study of Economics and Religion
Free Congress Foundation (F.C.F.) Famly, Law, and Democracy Report - FLDR
Free Congress Research & Education Foundation (Committee for Survival of Free Congress)
Free Congress Research & Education Foundation (F.C.F.)
F.C.F. Judicial Selection Monitoring Project
F.C.F. NET (National Empowerment Television)
Free Enterprise Education Center
Free Market Foundation
Free Republic
Free Speech Advocates
Free the Eagle
Freedom Alliance
Freedom Federation
Freedom Leadership PAC
Freedom Village
Freedoms Foundation
Freemen Institute
Friedman Foundation, Milton and
Friedman Foundation, Milton and
Frontiers of Freedom
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International
Fund for a Conservative Majority
Fund for American Studies
Future of Freedom Foundation
Galen Institute
Gateways to a Better Education
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Get Government Off Our Back Coalition
GING-PAC (newsletter of Regious Freedom Coalition)
Golden Mean Team
Golden Rule Insurance Company- Pay Rooney
Goldwater Institute
Good News Communication
Good News for Arabs & Muslims
Gun Owners of America
Hayes Publishing Company
Heartland Institute
Here's Life Washington
Here's Life World
Heritage Education and Review Organization (H.E.R.O.)
Heritage Foundation (H.F.)
H. F. Annual Report
H. F. Backgrounder
H. F. Education Update
H. F. Financial Information
H. F. Heritage Today
H. F. Misc.
H. F. Publications Catalogue
Heritage House
Heritage Schools
Hewitt Research Foundation
High Frontier
High Impact
Hillsdale College
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute
Hispanic Council for Reform & Educational Options
Home School Legal Defense Association
Hoover Institution
Howard Center
Hudson Institute
Human Events
Human Life Foundation, Inc.
Human Life International
Independence Institute
Independent Institute
Independent Women's Forum
Indiana Policy Review
Individual Rights Foundation
Institute for Children
Institute for Christian Economics
Institute for American Values
Institute in Basic Life Principles
Institute for Christian Economics
Institute for Contemporary Studies
Institute for Creative Research
Institute for Educational Affairs
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis
Institute for Historical Review
Institute for Human Rights
Institute for Humane Studies
Institute for Justice
I. J. Liberty & Law
Institute for Policy Innovation
Institute for Religious Values
Institute in Basic Life Principles
Institute on Religion and Democracy
Institute on Religious and Public Life
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center
Intelligent Design Network
Intercessors for America
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Interfaith Committee on Blasphemy
International Christian Leadership Institute
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
International Foundation for the Preservation of the Family
International Freedom Foundation
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
James Madison Institute
James Robison Evangelistic Association
Jefferson Education Foundation
Jeremiah Films
Jewish Action Alliance
Jews for Jesus
Jews for Morality
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
John Birch Society
John Locke Foundation
John M. Olin Foundation
John M. Perkins Foundation
John Randolph Club
Josephson Institute
Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration
Judicial Confirmation Network
Judicial Selection Monitoring Project
Judicial Watch (J.W.)
Justice PAC
Kerusso Ministries
King for America
Kingston Group
KMA Companies
Krieble Institute
Ku Klux Klan
Laissez Faire Institute
Lambda Report
Landmark Legal Foundation
Last Days Ministries
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
Leadership Action
Leadership Foundation
Leadership Institute
League of Prayer
Learn, Inc.
Legacy Communications
Legal Action for Women
Legal Affairs Council
Lexington Institute
Liberty Alliance
Liberty Amendment - Committee of the U.S.A.
Liberty Council
Liberty Legal Institute
Liberty Lobby
Life Amendment Political Action Committee, Inc.
Life Changers
Life Decisions International
Life Dynamics
Life Issues Institute, Inc.
Life Legal Defense Foundation
Lincoln Institute
Lively Communications
Local Government Council
Love in Action
Loyal Opposition
Ludwig von Mises Institute
M.J. Murdock Foundation
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Madison Center
Madison Project
Manhattan Institute
Manhattan Institute (M. I.)
March for Life
Marriage Law Project
Maritronics D. C.
Maryland Coalition of Concerned Parents on Privacy Rights in Public Schools
Media Action Research Center, Inc.
Media Association Resource Coalition
Media Research Center (M.R.C.)
M.R.C. Notable Quotes
Medical Institute for Sexual Health
Mid-America Conservative PAC
Mid America Legal Foundation
Middle American Institute
Midnight Call
Mike Evans Ministries
Miles Jesu
Millions of Americans
Minutemen Civil Defense Corps HQ
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Moms in Touch
Morality in Media
Morality in Media Newsletter
Moral Majority (see below)
Mountain States Legal Foundation
Move America Forward
National Abstinence Clearinghouse
National Affairs Briefing
National Affairs Briefing Texas
National Alliance
National Alumni Forum
National Association for Neighborhood Schools
National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality
National Association for Senior Citizens
National Association for the Advancement of White People
National Association for the Released Time Christian Education
National Association of Christian Education / Citizens for Excellence in Education (NACE/CEE)
NACE/CEE Direct Mailing
NACE/CEE Education Newsletter
NACE/CEE Misc. Pubs.
National Association of Conservative America
National Association of Evangelicals (N.A.E.)
National Association of Scholars
National Black Pro Life Union
National Business Association
National Campaign to Protect Marriage
National Center for Constitutional Studies (N.C.C.S.)
National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
National Center for Policy Analysis
National Center for Policy Research
National Center for Science Education
National Charities Info Bureau
National Christian Action Coalition
National Christian Heritage Foundation
National Christian Network
National Citizens Action Network
National Citizens Alliance
National Citizens Legal Network
National Clergy Council
National Coalition Against Censorship
National Coalition Against Pornography
National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families
National Coalition of Clergy and Laity
National Commission on Philanthropy and Civil Renewal
National Coalition on TV Violence
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
National Congress for Education Excellence
National Congress of Black Conservatives
National Congressional Club
National Conservative Campaign Fund
National Conservative Foundation
National Conservative Political Action Committee (N.C.P.A.C.)
N.C.P.A.C. Direct Mailings
National Council for Better Education (N.C.B.E.)
National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
National Day of Prayer
National Defeat Legal Services Committee
National Defense Committee
National Education Association
National Education Program
National Educator
National Endowment for Democracy
National Endowment for Liberty
National Faith-Based Initiative Coalition
National Family Foundation
National Family Legal Foundation
National Family Reporter
National Fatherhood Initiative
National Federation of Republican Assemblies
National Forum Foundation
National Impeach Clinton Committee
National Institute on Media and Family
National Journalism Center
National Legal and Policy Center
National Legal Center for the Public Interest
National Legal Foundation
National Life Center
National Minority Politics
National Monitor of Education
National Monitor of Education (N.M.E)
National Parents Commission
National Policy Forum
National Prayer Network
National Pro-Family Coalition
National Pro-Life Alliance
National Pro-Life Political Action Committee
National Religious Broadcasters (N.R.B.)
N.R.B. Convention News
National Republican Majority Fund
National Review Institute
National Rifle Association (NRA)
National Right to Life Committee (N.R.L.C.)
National Right to Read Foundation
National Right to Work
National Security Center
National Security Political Action Committee
National Socialist Vanguard
National Taxpayers Investigative Fund
National Taxpayer Limitation Committee
National Taxpayers Union
National Term Limits Coalition
National Traditionalist Caucus
National Wilderness Institute
Nationalist Movement
Nevada Policy Research Institute
New Age Foundation
New Alliance
New America Foundation
New Christian Crusade Church
New Coalition for Economic and Social Change
New Guard (Young Americans for Freedom)
New Republic Majority Fund
North Carolina Foundation for Individual Rights
Northeast Conservative PAC
Not Dead Yet
Numbers USA
Obligation, Inc.
Of the People
Olin Foundation
Operation Rescue (O.R.)
O.R. Newsletter
Opus Dei
P & R Schenck Associates in Evangelism, Inc.
Pacific Justice Institute
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pacific Research Institute
Pagent for Religious Freedom
Papyrus Ministries
Paradigm 2000
Parent Company
Parents' Alliance to Protect Our Children (PAPOC)
Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (P-FOX)
Parents Involved in Education
Parents of Minnesota
Parents Resource Music Center
Parents Rights, Inc.
Parents Television Council
Patrick Henry Center
Patrick Henry College
Patriot Movement
People for the West!
People of Destiny International
Peters Brothers
Philadelphia Society
Philanthropy Roundtable
Physicians Consortium
Pink Sheet on the Left
Pioneer Fund
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research (P.I.P.P.R.)
Pioneer PAC
PLC Victory Fund
Plymouth Rock Foundation (P.R.F.)
P.R.F. Fact Sheet
Political Economy Research Center
Political Gun News
Political Research Associates
Polyconomics, Inc.
Population Research Institute
Populist Party
Posse Comitatus
Precinct Project Institute
Presidential Prayer Team
Priests for Life
Prince, Edgar and Elsa Foundation
Princeton Religion Research Center-Emerging Trends
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Pro Vita Advisors
Proctor and Gamble Pull Out Remarks
Pro-Family Coalition
Pro-Family Forum
Pro-Family Forum Articles and Pamphlets
Pro-Family Forum Newsletter
Pro-Family Network
Pro-Family Forum Pamphlets
Progress and Freedom Foundation
Progress for America
Project 21
Project Conservative Reform
Project for American Renewal
Project for the New American Century
Project for the Republican Future
Project Life
Project New American Center
Project Prayer
Pro-Life Action League
Pro-Life Action Ministries
Pro-Life Lawyers Guild
Promise Keepers (P.K.)
Property Rights Foundation of America
Protest Warriors
Providence Foundation
PTL Club (Praise the Lord and People they Love)
Public Advocate
Public Affairs PAC
Public Affairs Research Institute
Public Interest Institute
Public Service Research Council
Public Service Research Council "The Government Union Critique"
Putting People First
Rainbow Coalition
Rainbow Lobby
Reach Alliance
Real American Movement Publishers
Reason Foundation
Reason Public Policy Institute
Redeem for Life Ministry
Redeem the Vote
Regulatory Analysis Program
Religious Freedom Coalition
Religious Freedom Crusade
Religious Heritage of America
Religious Roundtable
Religious Roundtable Report
Renaissance Woman
Renewal Alliance
Renewal America
Repent America
Representative Government Education Foundation
Republican Action for the '90s
Republican Leadership Coalition
Republican National Coalition for Life
Rescue America
Resource Institute of OK
Restore America
Restore Social Virtue and Purity to America
Richards, Bob for President
Right to Life Crusade
Right Woman
Rock for Life
Rockford Institute (R.I.)
R.I. The Family in America
R.I. Persuasions at Work
R.I. Religioin & Society Report
Rocky Family Mountain Legal Foundation
Rushmore Policy Council
Rutherford Institute (R.I.)
R.I. Gadfly
R.I. The Rutherford Journal
Saint Joseph Foundation
Salem Communications
Sanctity of Life Ministries
Save Our Schools
Savers and Investors League
Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth
Scaife Foundations
Second Amendment Foundation (S.A.F.)
Second Amendment Sisters
Security and Intelligence Foundation
See you at the Pole
Selous Foundation
Seniors Coalition
Separation of School and State
Sex Respect
Sexual Health Internal Project
Seymour Institute
Shadow Mountain Community Church
Sixty 60/Plus Association
Sixty 60 Second Activist
Small Business Survival Committee
Smith Richardson Foundation
South Carolina Policy Council
Southeastern Legal Foundation
Southern Baptist Convention (S.B.C.)
Southern League
Southern Partisan
Spirit of America (Ashcroft)
Square One
State Department Conference
State Department Watch
State Policy Network
Stedman Foundation
Stedman Foundation "Our Ageless Constitution"
Stewards of the Range
Don Stewart Evangelistic Association
Stockholders Against the Government Burden
STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood)
Straight Kids
Strategies to Eliminate Poverty
Students Advocate Valid Education
Students for Academic Freedom
Students for America
Summit Ministries
Susan B. Anthony List
Taxpayers Defense Community
Taxpayer's Education Lobby
Taxpayers for Howard Phillips
Teachers Saving Children
Team Impact
Teen Aid
Templeton Prize
Texans for Better Texts
Texans United for Life
Texas Foundation for Conservative Studies
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Theological Education Institute
Third Century Publishers
Thomas Jefferson Institute
Thomas Moore Center
Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out
Robert Tilden Ministries
Timothy Plan
Toward Tradition
Tradition, Family and Property
Traditional Values Coalition (T.V.C.)
T.V.C. Reports
Transforming Congregations
Triangle Educators for Christ
TRIM (Tax Reform Immediately)
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Trinity Foundation "The Trinity Review"
True Blue Patriots
True Love Waits
Truth Mission
Twentieth Century Reformation Hour
Unification Church (U.C.)
U.C. Causa
U.C. Sixth American Leadership Conference
United Community Churches of America
United Congressional Appeal
United Conservatives of America
United Council on Welfare Fraud
United Families of America
United Families International
United Seniors Association
United States Intelligence Council
United States Justice Foundation
United to Serve America
United We Stand America
Unity Coalition for Israel
University Faculty for Life
University Professors for Academic Order
U.S. English
U.S. Press
U.S. Senatorial Business Advisory Board
U.S. Taxpayers Alliance / Party
U.S. Term Limits
USA Next
Victory Communications International
Viguerie Company
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Vision America
Voice of Resistance
Voices Heard
Voting Integrity Project
Washington Family Council
Washington for Jesus
Washington Institute for Policy Studies
Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy
Washington Legal Foundation
Washington Research Council
Washington Times
We the People
Weekly Standard
Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom
Western Goals
Western Journalism Center
White Aryan Resistance
WIN Project
Winning Way
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
Women Affirming Life
Women Aglow
Women Exploited by Abortion
Women of Faith
Women of Renewal
Women's Freedom Network
World Anti Communist
World Congress of Families
World Harvest Church
World News Institute
Worldview War
Worldview Weekends
Yankee Institute
Young American Broadcasters
Young Americans for Freedom
Youth America Foundation (Y.A.F.)
Y.A.F. Campus Leader
Y.A.F. Dialogue on Liberty
Y.A.F. Libertas
Y.A.F. Virginia Chapter
Youth for Christ
Youth With a Mission
Miscellaneous- Abortion
Moral Majority (M.M.)
M.M. School Prayer
M.M. Covenant of Agreement
M.M. Counter Activities
M.M. Commentary
M.M. "Family America"
M.M. Bible Prophecy
M.M. Carter Administration
M.M. Child Rearing
M.M. Censorship
M.M. Censorship Attacks
M.M. Congress
M.M. Seminar
M.M. Religious Freedom TV Special
M.M. Baptist Fundamentalism
M.M. Christian Anti-Defense League
M.M. Foundation vs. Office of Personal Management
M.M. Anti-Abortion Opinion Poll
M.M. Abortion
M.M. Save a Baby
M.M. Lynchburg Christian Academy
M.M. Background Papers / Williams and Erickson
M.M. A.C.L.U. Ads
M.M. Remarks Made at CFBTV Press Conference
M.M. Press Kit Clips
Falwell in Village Voice
Falwell Ninety-Five
Falwell in the New Yorker Magazine
Falwell in Penthouse
Falwell in Playgirl
Hustler Ad
Falwell Review of Listen America
M.M. Articles of Incorporation
M.M. Ads in Spotlight and Review of the News
 Firingline: Buchley and Falwell
M.M. Politicians Against
M.M. Separation of Church and State
M.M. Polls and Surveys
Maternity Home / Thomas Road Church
Falwell Issues & Answers
Falwell Face the Nation Transcript
Civil Rights Falwell Mail
M.M. Foundation
M.M. Legal Defense Fund
M.M. Pro-Family
Apology to Rabbis
Domestic Politics
Foreign Policy
South Africa and the Phillipines
Old Time Gospel Hour (O.T.G.H.)
O.T.G.H. 990 form
O.T.G.H. prospectus
Liberty Baptist College (L.B.C.)
M.M. Social Issues
M.M. Foreign Policy Israel
M.M. Conference
M.M. General Brochure
M.M. Financial Audit Report
M.M. 990's
I love America Rally
Liberty Broadcasting Network
M.M. People Against
Direct Mailing (D.M.) Separation of Church and State
D.M. Liberty Life Aid Mission
D.M. Appeals Liberty University
D.M. General Appeals O.T.G.H.
D.M. Faith Partners
D.M. Iran Contra
D.M. Pornography
D.M. Planned Parenthood and Abortion
D.M. Last Temptation and Census
D.M. Liberty Baptist University
D.M. Politics
D.M. Miscellaneous
D.M. Eastern Europe
D.M. Art Censorship
D.M. Mail List
D.M.N.O.W. Lawsuit
D.M. San Francisco Gays
D.M. Homosexuality
D.M. Aids
D.M. Reactivate M.M. / War?
D.M. N.E.A.
D.M. Clinton
D.M. Liberty Alliance Crisis
D.M. Liberty Alliance Radioshow
D.M. Jocelyn Elders
D.M. EEOC and Religion
D.M. Whitewater
D.M. Circle of Power
D.M. God Save America Rally
D.M. School Prayer
D.M. Year of Destiny
D.M. General Fundraising
"Fake" Fundraising Letter?
D.M. Politics / Elections
D.M. Democratic Telethon
D.M. Silent Scream Letter
D.M. National Day of Mourning
D.M. Abortion
D.M. Planned Parenthood
Our Bodies, Ourselves
D.M. Parents Own Children
D.M. God Bless America Please
D.M. Report Letter
D.M. Clean Up TV
D.M. Battle Plan
D.M. El Salvador
D.M. National Day of Fasting and Prayer
D.M. Freedom Club
D.M. South Africa
D.M. Creationism
D.M. Central America
D.M. Gorbachev
D.M. Africa-- Project Mercy
Fight Communism with Food
D.M. Advisory Council
D.M. Ron Godwin
D.M. Fall of O.T.G.H.
D.M. Seven Million Dollar Miracle
D.M. Inc. vs. Foundation
D.M. Interal Audit
D.M. Jesse Helms
D.M. Baker Scandel
I Love America
I Love America Committee
D.M. O.T.G.H.
General Mailings
D.M. Rebirth of America
D.M. Trible Letter
D.M. "Book Burning" Attacks on Conservative Books
D.M. Church in Santa Monica
D.M. Year in Destiny
M.M. Membership
M.M. Membership Card
D.M. Clean Up America
Notre Dame Magazine
The Moral Americans ABC News Report Part III
Falwell Debate with Dunnam
Falwell in the Bergan Record by Henry Goldman
Falwell in Inquiry Magazine
Review of the News--Interview Falwell
Thomas Road Baptist Church
Women in the Military
National Defense
Doomsday Report--Nuclear Freeze
Nuclear Freeze
"Star-Wars" Non-Nuclear Space Program
D.M. Campaigns
Drug Abuse
Liberty Baptist College / Liberty University
15,000 Club / Liberty Mountain
D.M. Tax Return Liberty Federation
Christian Anti-Discrimination Committee
Equal Rights Amendment
Coalition for Better TV / Porn Issues
D.M. National Survey's Issue
M.M. Events
M.M. Legal Issues and Problems
Legal Issues and Problems (PFAW)
Norman Lear (PFAW)
Norman Lear vs. M.M.
On Falwell
O.T.G.H. Logs
D.M. Homosexual Attacks
D.M. Liberal Groups
D.M. Liberal Attacks
Homosexuality and Aids
Allen, Claude
Allen, Dr. Jimmey R.
Allen, Bob (Robert) S.
Armey, Dick
Armstrong, William
Ashcroft, John
Bakker, Jim
Balsiger, David
Barr, Bob
Barton, David
Bauer, Gary
Bauman, Robert
Bell, Terrel
Bennet, William
Bennet, William (PFAW)
Bennet, William speeches as Doe Secretary
Billings, Robert
Billings, William
Blackwell, Ken
Blackwell, Morton
Blumenfeld, Samuel
Boone, Pat
Bork, Robert
Bouscaren, Anthony T.
Bozell, L. Brent III
Brown, Floyd G.
Brownbach, Sam
Buchanan, Pat
Buckley, William
Bush, George
Bush, Jeb
Chastain, Jane
Chavez, Linda
Cheney, Lynne
Cheney, Richard
Chenoweth, Helen
Clinton, Bill and Hillary
Colson, Charles
Conner, Ken
Connerly, Ward
Coors, Joe
Cornyn, John
Cosmar, Madeleine
Coulson, William R.
Coulter, Ann
Crane, Philip
Criswell, Dr. W. A.
Currin, Sam
D'Souza, Dinesh
Dannemeyer, William
DeLay, Tom
Donton, Jeremiah
DeVos, Betsy (AmWay)
Dilulio, John
Dixon, Greg
Dobson, James
Dolan, Terry
Dole, Bob
Dornan, Robert
Duke, David
East, John
Ellingwood, Herbert
Evans, Captain G. Russell
Farah, Joseph
Farris, Michael P.
Farris, Court Petition
Forbes, Malcolm (Steve)
Fore, Rev. Dan
Francis, Samuel
Frist, Bill
Fuller, Howard
Fumento, Michael
Gabler, Mel and Norma
Gaffney, Frank
Gardner, Eileen
Gasper, JoAnn
Gilchrist, Jim
Gingrich, Newt
Ginsburg, Douglas
Godwin, Ronald
Goldwater, Barry
Graglia, Lino
Graham, Billy
Graham, Frank Lin
Gramm, Phil
Grant, Robert
Haggard, Ted
Hagee, John
Hannity, Sean
Harvey, Paul
Hastert, J. "Denny"
Hatch, Orin
Helms, Jesse
Horowitz, David
Horowitz, Michael
Horsley, Neal
Hudson, Deal W.
Humbard, Rex
Hunt, Nelson
Hutcherson, Ken
Hyde, Henry
Iserbyt, Charlotte
Istook, Rep. Ernest Jr.
Jackson, Jesse
James, Kay
Jarmin, Gary
Jarvik, Laurence
Kemp, Jack
Kennedy, Dr. James
Kennedy, William
Keyes, Alan
Killinger, John
King, Alveda Celeste
Kirsanow, Peter
Kjos, Berit
Knight, Robert H.
Koop, Dr. C. Everett
Kossor, Steven
Kozinski, Judge Alex
Krieble, Robert H.
LaBarbera, Peter
LaHaye, Tim
LaRouche, Lyndon
Lear, Norman
LeBoutillier, John
Limbaugh, Rush
Luksik, Peg
Maddoux, Marlin
Malkin, Michelle
Manion, Daniel
Marrs, Texe
Marshall, Paul
Marshner, Connie
Masters, Roy
McAlvany, Don
McBirnie, W. S.
McCartney, Bill
McClellan, James
McClellan, James DOJ Grant
McClellan, James Legal Services
McClellan, James NEH Grant
McCune, Wes "Group Research Report"
McDowell, Josh
McGraw, Onalee
McIlvaney, Donald
McIntire, Carl
Mecham, Evan
Medved, Michael
Meese, Edwin
Meese, Edwin Speeches
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Michener, James
Miranda, Manuel
Moore, Roy
Murray, Norris
Murray, William J. (Madalyn O'Hair)
North, Oliver
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Parker, Star
Parshall, Janet
Parsley, Rod
Peacocke, Dennis T.
Phillips, Howard
Pike, Ted
Pipes, Daniel
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Reagan, Michael
Reagan, Ronald
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Rees, Grover III
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Reynolds, Bradford speeches
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Richardson, Warren
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Robertson, Pat
Roberston DOJ Conference Grant
Roberston - extremist
700 Club
American Center for Law & Justice
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Committee for Freedom
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Freedom Council
National Perspectives Institute
"Pat Roberston Perspective"
Regent University
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Rockefeller, David "Spotlight"
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Siegan, Bernard
Sileven, Everett
Siljander, Mark
Skousen, Cleon
Staubach, Roger
Stedman, W. David
Sundseth, Christopher
Swaggart, Jimmy
Swindall, Patrick
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Tancredo, Thomas
Terry, Randall
Thomas, Cal
Thomas, Clarence
Viguerie, Richard A.
Wallace, John
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Watkins, Admiral James D.
Watts, James
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Weyrich, Paul
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