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FBI Freedom of Information Act Archive of Radical Right-Wing Groups and Individuals


About the Archive

This archive contains an extensive collection of materials released in redacted form by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in accordance with requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.

A major part of the archive contains printed material the Bureau collected on radical right-wing groups and individuals, as well as newspaper articles dealing with groups and individuals being monitored by the FBI. In addition, the FBI files often contain detailed background information about individuals, as well as private correspondence.

The archive does not contain exclusively right-wing materials. There are also FBI files on the Communist Party of the USA, and administrative files dealing with FBI personnel.


Accessing the Archive

The archive is stored on four high-capacity DVD disks located in the Center's offices at the University of California at Berkeley.

We encourage you to peruse the archive listings using the finding agent (which includes an alphabetical list and brief description of all group and individual files, the DVD disk the files reside on, and the FBI office the material was collected from) before contacting the Center with your request to visit the archive.

Download a copy of finding agent here.

The Center will gladly accommodate researchers who wish to access the on-site archive. Please contact us with proposals to use make use of these files: crws@berkeley.edu; 510.642.8707.



The archive was collected by Ernie Lazar over the course of more than three decades. Mr. Lazar was also responsible for creating the excellent finding agents that are available on this website.  We at the Center are immensely grateful to Mr. Lazar for making this extraordinary resource available to CRWS and scholars of the Right.

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