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No Peace at Any Price in Ukraine

Alina Polyakova, the co-author of this Foreign Affairs article with Daniel Fried, is an affiliate of ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies and also a former CRWS Graduate Fellow. Polyakova and Fried discuss current calls for a diplomatic end to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which several Western European countries and the US argue can be achieved by giving Ukrainian land to Russia in exchange for peace. However, the authors assert that pressuring Ukraine into conceding to peace by giving up its territories would not lead to long-term peace and stability.

Transatlantic Ties of the Far Right

In this article in Terrorism and Political Violence, Tanjev Schultz analyzes the National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Germany, one of the most severe cases of terrorism in Germany after World War II, and how this case illuminates transatlantic ties between far-right groups. This new article was written by Tanjev Schultz while he was a visiting scholar at ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies.

How 'Replacement Theory' Became Prominent in Mainstream US Politics

Larry Rosenthal, Chair of ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies, explained Great Replacement Theory on ABC News in the wake of the tragic shooting in Buffalo. "The magnitude of how much replacement theory has infiltrated [the] spectrum of the right in this country is something we haven't seen before," according to Rosenthal, though he explains that it is not a new ideology. It was prevalent in the U.S. in the 1920's on the far right and has persisted since then, becoming more mainstream in recent years.

Big Give Success - Thank you for your support!

Thank you to everyone who supported CRWS during Big Give last week! We received almost $5,000 in donations and unlocked a $50,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor!

While Big Give is over, your donations to support social change scholarship are welcome anytime! You can donate here and designate your gift for any of the ISSI centers or programs using the "in honor of" field. 

CFP: Journal of Right-Wing Studies

The Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies announces the launch of a new Open Access journal in partnership with eScholarship at the University of California. The Journal of Right-Wing Studies aims to shed light on the politics of the moment by investigating the nature and origins of recent transformations on the right and by promoting the study of the right in its historical and cultural diversity. 

We publish on any topic—race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, class and markets, religion and culture, media and communications—that touches the right’s mobilization, history, or thinking. We are especially interested in submissions that question the category of “the right,” the relationship among its component groupings and ideas, the right’s relationship to the political left, and their global applicability. 

General inquiries, article submissions, and essay pitches can be sent to Additional information is available on our website.

Neo-Nationalism and Universities

John Douglass, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies and Center for Research on Social Change, has published several op-eds related to his recent book Neo-Nationalism and Universities: Populists, Autocrats and the Future of Higher Education. Two of them can be found at John Hopkins University Press and University World News. In these articles, Douglass discusses how geopolitics and the national political environment, especially the rise in neo-nationalism, is challenging the societal role of universities which should promote national development and global integration.

Mini-grants for Right-Wing Studies

The Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies invites UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students to apply for small grants to assist with the development of student research projects on issues related to right-wing movements in the U.S. or other regions of the world. Applications are due on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 at 4pm. Application and more details are available here.

How Right-Wing Populism Fuels the Empire of Resentment

On the podcast "Democracy Nerd," Larry Rosenthal, Chair of ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies, discusses the history of right-wing populism in American politics and his book, Empire of Resentment: Populism's Toxic Embrace of Nationalism.

Germany's 9/11? Neo-Nazis and Right-Wing Terrorism in Germany and Their Links to US Actors

On September 15, 2021, Tanjev Schultz, Professor of Journalism, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany, discussed the ties between far-right movements in Germany and the US by looking at the NSU case in Germany. Sponsored by ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies and co-sponsored by the Institute of European Studies, "Germany's 9/11? Neo-Nazis and Right-Wing Terrorism in Germany and Their Links to US Actors" is available for viewing here.

Exposing the Right and Fighting for Democracy

A new anthology, Exposing the Right and Fighting for Democracy, celebrates the life and work of Chip Berlet, a faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Right-Wing Studies and an investigative journalist. The book includes essays by other CRWS faculty affiliates, Alex DiBranco, Carol Mason, and Cas Mudde, as well as many other contributors. Like Berlet's career, the book covers a range of topics, from the Christian Right, armed militias, social movement theory, and white supremacy to conspiracism, civil liberties, and government surveillance.


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