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Counterdemonstrators at alt-right rally in Washington DC.

CRWS Chair Lawrence Rosenthal quoted in the New York Times

In this recent front-page New York Times article on the state of the White Supremacist Movement, Rosenthal says "It was a dead-enders event from the get-go, meaning that Charlottesville a year ago had an intention and agenda, and both failed."




CRWS Featured In the News

"Our mission is scholarship." Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies brings an academic lens to right-wing movements. Read more here.

New study shows status threat, not economic hardship explains 2016 Vote

A new study by Diana Mutz, Professor of Political Science and Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, suggests that fear of losing status, rather than economic anxiety or anger over the past, explains why white, Christian, male voters turned to Trump in the 2016 election. Read more here.

U.S. Sanctions Russians for Election Interference and Cyberattacks

On Thursday, March 15, the White House imposed new sanctions on Russian entities and individuals for election interference and cyberattacks. Dr. Alina Polyakova, who is a Fellow at the Brookings Institution's Center on the U.S. and Europe and a former CRWS Graduate Fellow, discusses U.S. sanctions against Russia on KQED's Forum.  Listen here.

Italy's elections reflect forces that gave us President Trump

"The sources of populist support in Italy will sound familiar to American ears, if in a somewhat different, Italian, key." CRWS Chair Lawrence Rosenthal comments on the Italian elections for the San Francisco Chronicle. Read more here. 

New Resource for Scholars - Rare audio and video recordings of John Birch Society

ISSI’s Center for Right-Wing Studies recently added a collection of rare audio and video recordings to its archival holdings. Transferred from their original format to CDs and DVDs, the collection includes recordings of workshops, lectures, films, spot ads, and other educational materials used by the John Birch Society in the 1960s and early 70s to recruit new members and promote right-wing causes. Dr. Christine Trost, CRWS Program Director, and Kelly Jones, UCB undergraduate research assistant, developed a detailed finding aid for scholars to use to search the collection. Read more about the collection and download its finding aid here.

From the Tea Party to the Alt-Right

CRWS Chair Lawrence Rosenthal talks to KPFA's Philip Maldari about the rise of the Alt-Right and its connections to the Tea Party. (Rosenthal's interview begins at 1:06:11.)

The White Nationalists & the Populists

CRWS Chair Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal reflects on whether white nationalists will lead populists to abandon Trump. "The central question for the future of American politics is whether the populists remain in the Trump, America-first voting bloc with the white nationalists." Read more here.

The alt-right, Antifa and 'Trumpism'

Gina Daly interviews CRWS Chair Larry Rosenthal about the rise of Trumpism:  "Anti-semitism, KKK, neo-Nazis...[who] were beyond the pale in national politics...were mobilized in a way that took them by surprise, and they - what we now call the alt-right - became part of Trump's constituency." Read more here.

Lawrence Rosenthal on President Trump's Charlottesville remarks.

Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal, Chair of CRWS, breaks down President Trump’s latest remarks on Charlottesville, including Trump’s use of “alt-left."


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