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Welcome to the Center for Right-Wing Studies (formerly the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements) & People For the American Way (PFAW) Archive of Conservative Video Broadcasting. The archive presented here was digitized from PFAW’s extensive VHS library of conservative broadcasting. These videos were not included in the collection of PFAW documents accepted by the Bancroft Library, but the Center and PFAW decided it was important to preserve this collection and they invested to make the archive available to researchers.

CRWS's video archive consists of approximately 2,200 DVDs with content transferred from the videotape collection of People For the American Way (PFAW). PFAW recorded network and cable broadcasting throughout the 1980s, 90s and 2000s, widely documenting year-to-year developments among major figures and organizations of the Right. Televangelist broadcasts occupy a good portion of the archive, including such television programs as Pat Robertson's 700 Club, The Old Time Gospel Hour, and Falwell Live, among others. In many instances the archive catalog indicates the guests or issues covered on a particular show. The archive also includes speeches by important figures on the Right (e.g. Ronald Reagan, Pat Buchanan); coverage of important Congressional proceedings (e.g. the Bork nomination); coverage of important conservative events (e.g., The Conservative Political Action Convention); and one-off productions on particular subjects by right-wing groups (e.g., Falwell's film on the Clintons, Circle of Power).


Searchable Database

All of the label information and description in the archive is derived from PFAW’s own documentation and it has been consolidated into one digital database for the first time. The database, searchable above contains more than 345,000 words and there are many more transcripts and video descriptions in the primary source documents. When you search, you will find that each record preserves the various PFAW catalog series and these original catalog series are provided in the Primary Source Documents section. There are four possible series designations for each record:

  1. Televangelist: This is the index of Televangelist tapes derived from the 1/2” Televangelist shelflist.
  2. News/Packing: These are tapes from the 1/2” News List that Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal hand picked to be shipped to the Center.
  3. NET: This is a set of videos derived from the “NET Videos Packing List,” a selection from PFAW’s collection of National Empowerment Television (NET) videos (also incorrectly listed in some places as “National Evangelical TV”).
  4. Silver: This designation is derived from the enigmatically-named “Silver Numbers Integrated Database” that PFAW interns put together of videos that were numbered with a silver pen that did not correspond to any existing “news” or “televangelist” indexes.
  5. Untitled: This series designation was given to those tapes the Center for Right-Wing Studies received that were not included on any accompanying PFAW list.

While the Center compiled this information and digitized the video, the Center did not have the resources to watch every video and confirm that the labeling system is 100% correct. Furthermore, in documenting such a large collection there are bound to be errors. As such, there may be some mistakes in labeling and we apologize for any inconvenience such mistakes may cause. If you find any mistakes while conducting your research, please alert the Center and we will do our best to correct them.


Accessing the DVD Archive

The Center and PFAW understand that this collection is unique and important to preserve. Please contact the Center if you are planning to make a visit to the archive. Scholars will need to bring a laptop and CD-Rom reader in order to view the DVD collection.  And if you believe that this is an important collection and would like to support us, please donate.



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