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Bibliography of Academic Theses and Dissertations on the American Right

CRWS is pleased to make available Ernie's Lazar's extensive bibliography of academic theses and PhD dissertations on the American Right. Mr. Lazar has spent three decades collecting archival material on the right wing and is committed to making his work available to a wide audience of researchers. The list is organized thematically and some of its citations go back more than 50 years. To our knowledge, this is the most exhaustive directory of its kind available on line or elsewhere.

The Bibliography is organized around the following subject areas:

  • Anti-Communism / Red Scare / House Committee on Un-American Activities / Subversion / Internal Security / FBI / COINTELPRO
  • Anti-Evolution / Creationism
  • Anti-Semitic Individuals, Groups, and Ideology / Jews and Communism
  • Conspiracy Theories in Politics, Literature, Cinema
  • Conservative History, Philosophy, and Politics / New Right / Neo-Conservatism / Libertarianism / Anti-Statism
  • Christian Right Leaders, Politics & History / Fundamentalist & Apocalyptic Ideology / Christian Reconstructionism & Christian Identity Movements
  • Holocaust Denial and Revisionism
  • Illuminati and Freemasonry / Anti-Masonic Movement / Jesuit Conspiracy Theories / Anti-Enlightenment
  • John Birch Society
  • McCarthyism / Sen. Josephy R. McCarthy
  • Miscellaneous Controversies: Persons, Groups, Publications and Ideas Attacked By Right Wing
  • Neo-Nazi Movement / American Nazi Party / Fascism in U.S. or Elsewhere / Authoritarian Belief Systems
  • Power Elites / Council on Foreign Relations / Trilateral Commission / Bilderbergers / New World Order / Cecil Rhodes and Roundtable / Foundations
  • Right-Wing Extremism--General / Radical Right / Patriot Movement / Militias / Posse Comitatus / Biographies
  • White Supremacy and Nativism: Individuals, Groups, Ideology / KKK / White Citizens Councils / State Sovereignty Commissions / Anti-Catholicism / Know-Nothing Party / Racism / Segregation / Jim Crow

 To download a PDF of the Bibliography, click here (last updated: September 2020. Unfortunately this is the latest version as Mr. Lazar is no longer able to update it.)

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